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    Good time management   HAfter the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared covid-19 a pandemic, most schools sent their students home. Shortly after that, online learning has become the norm. About 70% of the global student population was affected by this closure.   S

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    Learn the kinds of apps that people are buying by studying the top apps in every category. Read reviews or buy the top-selling apps and explore their features. Compare these apps to see what they have in common. Create an app with a wide audience. Incorporate some of the features you recognized when you compared the best-selling apps. Some of the top selling apps incorporate GPS access and social networking. Others are simple productivity or novelty apps like to-do lists. You should create apps with a mass appeal because popularity will increase your revenue. Submit your apps to every Smartphone company. Dont forget to review policies about the types of apps that Smartphone companies publish. You need to market your app. If you have a business, you can promote your app to your existing customers through your social networking platforms, brick-and-mortar stores, and online shop. If you dont own a business, you can create a page for your app on Facebook or other social networking sites. Encourage your followers to try your app and write reviews about it on other sites. You need a strong marketing plan because the competition is fierce for apps, and people are more likely to buy popular apps because they appear on most frequently downloaded or purchased lists.    D    Y


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       PBeing more visually educated and informed about arts and design trends, you can advise individuals and companies on their creative process and artistic projects.11. Work for online marketplaces or galleries   L

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    2. You find a very specialized niche or you create something new and innovative.   L66޻Ա󸲶    H

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    You can expect to earn around $15 C $25 per hour working as a general transcriptionist but specific fields may pay even higher. Check out sites like Transcribe Anywhere to get started.   S


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    9. Etsy ֲĶIJ󸲶   N    P

       XOptional: podcasting, instant messaging, PHP or other web scripting languages.   K

    Becoming a translator is one of the best online jobs where you can make money by sitting at your home.    Z    V

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    Looking for Business Ideas? Learn How to Start a Blog    E

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